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My name is Esteban Tamashiro, but most people call me Tama. I'm a composer, orchestrator, pianist and producer specialized in video games and films based in Dublin, Ireland.

With over 10 years of experience in Music Composition and Music Production, I have been working with different video game companies around the world, helping to develop titles for different platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo Switch or PC. Parallel to games, I have also been working in film and advertising, highlighting the score for the short film A Legacy of Us, nominated for the 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the category of Best Original Soundtrack for Live-action Short Film.


I graduated from the National University of Cordoba in 2016 with a Degree in Music Composition. In 2018, I received a full-ride scholarship from Fundación Carolina to study a Master's Degree in Music Composition for Film, Television and Video Games at the Conservatori Liceu, in Barcelona, where I studied under the Spanish film composer José NietoI'm also a Piano Teacher Grade 5 from the Yamaha Music Education System, where I have worked as a piano teacher for many years.

Since I was a child, videogames and films have been part of my life in such way that now they have become my passion, just like music. When I am not composing and honing my craft I enjoy playing videogames, watching movies or just spending time with my friends.​​

If you have a project that needs a powerful and evocative soundtrack, please do not hesitate to write me through my contact page. More music demos can be provided upon request. I look forward to working with you on your project very soon.

Thank you for listening!


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