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OkinawaTimes - Interview with Esteban Tamashiro

7歳で「FF」のゲーム音楽に衝撃 作曲家になったアルゼンチンの沖縄3世、ハリウッドの賞候補に.

Publication: Okinawa Times

December 27, 2021

La Plata Hochi - Esteban Tamashiro De Córdoba a Hollywood

De Córdoba a Hollywood


Publication: La Plata Hochi

January 30, 2022

Kitaria Fables Play Station 5 - Soundtrack by Esteban Tamashirog

The music can be very catchy and doesn’t grate, which for the amount of time you’ll be playing it is quite impressive.


Publication: playstationcountry 

August 30, 2021

Kitaria Fables Switch - Soundtrack by Esteban Tamashiro

The beautiful orchestral background music always also seems to match whatever setting our characters are in, topping off the entirety of the experience overall. 

Publication: cogconnected

September 04, 2021

cba24n - Esteban Tamashiro

Esteban Tamashiro, the Cordovan who composes video game music for the world.

Publication: cba24n

August 01, 2021

Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nomination
The score for A Legacy of Us has been nominated for Best Original Score in a Shortfilm for the HMMA.

November 17, 2021

Esteban Tamashiro - Hollywood Music In Media Award
Screen Shot 2024-01-27 at 00.19.38.png

Alejandro Vivero i Esteban Tamashiro, graduats del Conservatori Liceu, han estat autors de la nova música per a la Cavalcada de Reis de Barcelona 2024.

Publication: Conservatori Liceu

January 23, 2024


Radio Nacional Clásica - Esteban Tamashiro - Podcast

Programa radial: Final del Juego

Publication: Radio Nacional Clásica 96.7

September 18, 2021

Esteban Tamashiro nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Publication: Oicanadian

November 14, 2021

Canal C Interview with Esteban Tamashiro

Interview with composer Esteban Tamashiro

Publication: Canal C

November 15, 2021

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